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December 12, 2013

Been buying M..... pellets for decades...only pellets we'd use.
...just discovered Sierra Premium at Lowes in Olympia, WA, made by Olympus Pellets.
BEST pellets we have ever used, they are hotter, cleaner and burn longer.

Paul G., Olympia, WA

December 5, 2013

We bought several bags of your Olympus pellets from a feed store in our area that is now out of business. They burn the best, produce the least amount of ash and are the BEST pellets we've ever tried!
Leslie R., Eugene, OR

November 30, 2013

My daughter has been using L........ prior to this, getting a few bags at a time from somewhere, and was not unhappy with them, other than being rather dusty and having to empty ash pan 2-3 times a week. But, since using the Olympus pellets, she says her house is even warmer. There's literally no dust, the door window is clean, and not enough ash in the pan to bother with it. So, kudos on a superb product. I know you've been getting great reviews on them, but I just wanted to include my daughter (and self) are very pleased, also.

When it is time to resupply her, it will be the Olympus/Cascade pellets.

John. M-Edmonds, WA

November 20, 2013

20 + years buying pellets, yours are the best deal, by far. Keep up the good work. 

John E., Sacramento, CA

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your excellent Sierra Supreme pellets. These burn so clean, it amazing. I've been burning pellets for the past 20 years, and I've never experienced such clean burning pellets. I'd estimate the quantity of ash in the tray to be about 1/4 "normal.

Steve-Simi Valley, CA

We purchased a pallet of your Sierra Supreme pellets from Lowes in Fresno. They are absolutely the best pellets we've ever used. They start easily, burn hotter and cleaner than all others we've used.
Judy-Clovis, CA

Just a quick note to say that we love your Olympus pellets. We purchased ten bags to try out and we were very happy with the results! The amount of ash has been reduced compared to other brands we have tried, and we love that. Also, with your product we are able to run our stove on a lower setting with the same output of heat!

Ernie-Spanaway, WA

We were so frustrated with poor quality pellets that we nearly decided to get rid of our pellet stove. Fortunately we found your pellets at Lane Forest Products in Eugene. Not only do they burn hotter than the previous brands they carried, but the glass window on our stove is still clean after two weeks! Thanks for a great product.

Ed & Shirley-Eugene, OR

We purchased 10 bags of your pellets last week from our local feed store. Since we still had a few bags left from another company, we did not burn yours until the weekend. What a difference! The heat produced with your pellets was much hotter than the other pellets, and after two full days of burning, there was hardly any ash. We went back to Lowes to buy 20 more bags just in case they run out. Thanks for a great product.

Mel T.-Olympia, WA

After burning another ‘premium’ pellet for the past 5 years, our neighbor suggested we try your Olympus pellets. We had no idea that there could be such a big difference in locally produced pellets. Your Cascade Pellets produced much more heat, and after two weeks our stove window is still clean and clear. Thanks for an excellent pellet!

Jim & Shirley R.-Poulsbo, WA

I have a pellet stove and bought an inferior pellet before I found yours, great product! Thanks.

Ernie-Monroe, WA



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